The Pantheon

History of the Pantheon

Once before The Corruptor rose, the gods were mostly solitary beings, only interacting with one another in times of war, to forge new alliances or to love. There had been countless gods before the rise of their great enemy, but as The Corruptor grew in strength the lesser gods died out.

The gods drew power and life from their worshippers, but as the corruptor gained more followers the divinity granted to the lesser gods waned and eventually they winked out of existence. The luckier gods, with enough power warned their greater brothers and sisters to fight back earned honorable deaths as they fell in battle during The Scarring.

The gods that remained forged a pact among themselves to unite as one religion to share the worship and divinity granted by their followers to prevent another such event from occuring. The fear ingrained upon them as they saw their bretheren losing strength unable to fight back had been so great that the gods who once were hated each other made peace. The gods of the Great Races were the first to sign this treaty ending the hate between the elves and the dwarves, the humans and the orcs and the injustice on the half breeds. The other gods followed suit and so the Pantheon was formed.

Members of he Pantheon.

The Greater Gods

The gods are formless and appear to their followers in forms which are comfortable to them, to humans they appear humans, to orcs they appear as orcs they do this so that they do not scare their worshipers.


Once known as the great god of the sun, once worshipped by all races known for his valor in battle and compassion to all beings. It is said that it was he who brought forth the sun from darkness illuminating mythandrell for all. The early elves who mainly worshipped Solaris often called themselves the Sun Elves and created the Empire of the Sun thousands of years before, the sun elves spread his faith and compassion to all.

Warriors and Priests who worshipped him created the Order of the Sun who used his light to halt the advance of darkness and put to rest creatures whos spirits are unable to rest brought into life by terrible magic.

Mechanical Benefits

Worshippers of Solaris gain a +1 bonus to attack undead and evil creatures.


Once known as the great goddess of the moon, wife of solaris. She is known by all for her compassion to all beings guiding those lost in the night and darkness with her silver light. She guides wandering spirits to the heavens and eases their passing. The other half of the ancient elves worshipped Lunaria and were known as trow or drow in their language now commonly known as Night Elves spread her faith in the dark, aiding lost travellers and protecting animals from hunters.

Most of her worshippers are mostly Drow but uncommonly rangers and druids of other races can often be seen worshipping her.

Legends say that long ago there was only the full moon to light the night sky but the goddess had been badly injured during The Scarring. They say that the stars that glow in the night is the goddess’ blood and divinity that now mark the skies of the cosmos unable to return to her body, and that the moon waxes and wanes symbolizes Lunaria’s power as she tries to continue her ancient duty of protecting people during the night.

Mechanical Benefits

Worshippers of Lunaria gain darkvision in the presence of the moon and gain +1 to all survival checks.


Godess of the Earth and mother of the Gods. Terra is known for her great kindess and compassion for it is said that the land of Mythandrell itself is part of the goddess’ body and it is through her love that all creatures can find a place to call home. She loves all of creation even The Corruptor, and it is that love that nearly brought her to death, before the final battle during The Scarring, it is said that she attempted to talk to her lost son but that proved to be her undoing.

Reason and love were lost to The Corruptor and as soon as Terra had shown herself to him she was met with an attack. Near death she summoned all her power to escape. As she appeared before her sons and daughters; mortally wounded, she told the rest of the Pantheon the great evil within their brother and it is their duty to slay him to save all of creation.

To this day the goddess terra spends her time recovering, it is said that her wounds show themselves through The Scars that mark the land. Places of death and decay, where the beauty of nature ceases and the prevalence of rot dominates the landscape.

Mechanical benefits.

Worshippers of Terra get a +2 Bonus on Knowledge(Nature) checks and +1 to any Heal checks.


Goddess of the Seas, daughter of Terra and brother of Solaris. Worshipped by those who live by the sea, it is through her that men can fish and take her bounty she seeks nothing from her worshippers but respect for the sea. Also known as the goddess of the storms for when her temper rages ships sink and entire cities lie submerged in massive floods she sends to those that abuse her bounty.

Often Seamen and swashbucklers worship Mercurial to gain their safety in transit and permission to reap the sea’s bounties. They follow a strict rule never to salvage treasure from sunken ships for they now belong to Mercurial and to take it would incur her wrath.

Legends say ships mounted with a figurehead of Mercurial never get lost and shall always find good weather in their travels. Ships with her figurehead who lack the respect to clean it often end up lost or shipwrecked in storms.

Mechanical Benefits

Worshippers of Mercurial gain +1 bonus to swim checks and +2 to sea related profession and knowledge checks.


God of War and battle said to be at par with Solaris for skill in battle. Belethor’ followers used to come from all warrior nations; mostly orcs worshiped him as their patron god. It is said that it was they who had spread his worship often through domination of their enemies and their vassals.

Soldiers, Mercenaries and Warriors from all races worship Belethor and hope to gain his blessing in battle and war. Legends say that those blessed by Belethor shall only die in battle and never thru disease or poison.

Known to be a genius in warfare it was natural for Belethor to lead the final attack against The Corruptor and it was by his strategy that left The Corruptor in a one on one fight against his elder brother Solaris.

Mechanical Benefits

Worshipers of Belethor gain a +2 to knowledge checks related to war and warfare. Once per day any follower may gain the favor of Belethor in battle and gain either a +1 Bonus to their attack roll, +1 to their Damage roll or +1 to their AC.


God of the Forge, and architect of civilizations. Dwarfs believe him to be their progenitor, and it is he who had made all the ancient cities of all the ancient races, be they elven or dwarven, human or orcish. It was by his skill that creation found shelter in Terra. To this day dwarfs spread his belief and thank him for his skill whenever they see ancient ruins and cities of old.

Dwarfs, Craftsmen and Blacksmiths often make most of Vulkanos’ followers for they believe that his skill in crafting, forging and building will be passed on to them, and that through every weapon forged, through every brick placed they do honor to him.

The legends say Vulkanos as the one who forged all of his brother’s and sisters war gear to battle the Corruptor. These war gear composed of complete sets of armor and weapons befitting their wielders were said to be indestructible. Other legends say that though indestructible, fragments of these war gear scattered across the lands as they struck the dark tainted bodies of The Corruptors forces, and these fragments if found can be forged anew into the weapon or armor of the wielders desires and that these new artifacts shall have with them a fragment of the ancient war gears divinity.

Mechanical Benefits

All worshippers of Vulkanos gain a +2 on all Crafting checks and all proffession checks related to crafting.

The Pantheon

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