Roland's Tower

Roland’s tower; also known as The Dark Tower to the untrained, is the home and training center of gunslingers across Mythandrell.

Only roughly 300 years old, Roland’s tower is the birthplace of the revolutionary new weapon ;the Gun. Made through the union of human and dwarven research, the gun has become a new weapon against the forces of The Corruptor. This deadly new technology is not for all however for all know its power, it fires bullets faster than an arrow and can kill faster than a blade.

Roland Deschain; first user of the Gun, along with Cort Tinkerer; creator of the Gun, created the tower as a training center for future gunslingers. Located in the west near a town called Cressia, the tower serves to teach would be gunslingers the art of gunsmithing. Many are called but few are chosen to become wielders of this new devastating technology.

Students of the tower come from all races; the young ones are taught the basics of combat from an early age but they only truly begin their studies first by learning the art of Falconry. Falconry serves as the first test to applicants, it weeds out those who seek only violence with the gun, for to be successful in Falconry; the student must become one with his falcon, calming his heart preparing to kill, so to must a gunslinger be with his gun.

The next task a trainee must learn is the art of gunsmithing, for no one outside the tower knows this art only the wielder can make and maintain his weapon. For some this comes naturally like other crafting arts; for others this becomes their unbreakable wall.

With the union of his skill in falconry and knowlege in gunsmithing the student is given one final test, forge a gun that is truly his. Once done the student is sent to Ostagar to join a legion for a single tour to repay the Tower for his training. If the gunslinger survives this ordeal only then shall he be truly called a Gunslinger from there he makes his choice continue serving the Legions or wander the land to dispense justice or terror as he see’s fit.

Roland's Tower

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